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Welcome to the CollectPro Support Center

This document is intended for new and existing users of CollectPro. It is designed to answer the most common questions about using this software and provide a reference for the features contained in CollectPro.

What is CollectPro?

CollectPro is a financial software add-on designed to help you organize and manage invoices, track credit information on your customers and improve your accounts receivable. It is designed to run along side your existing financial software without complicated import and export steps.

Where to download CollectPro

CollectPro is distributed as a downloadable package from your account/order webpage. You must first log in with the account you created to purchase the software. On the order details page, a download link along with the activation code to activate the software is present. Each activation code is only good to activate one copy of the software. To purchase more activation codes, please click here.

To view what operating systems and financial software CollectPro is compatible with go to the technical_requirements.

Next Steps